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Our belief is that everyone should have access to high-quality, durable, and functional gear that meets their individual needs.

That’s why we created GURP; to offer custom bike bags and soft goods that are designed and made with care, precision, and attention to detail.

~ The story ~

     In 2015, I went on my second-ever bike camping trip. The allure of my friend’s ‘bikepacking’ rig and their set of bags had me questioning my big red panniers and rear rack. I felt inspired and excited to try making myself a custom frame bag once I got home.

Using the little knowledge I had from grade school and my mum’s sewing machine, I began by following some YouTube and tutorials and soon after fell in love with both sewing and biking. Since then, I’ve been honing my skills and testing my creations.

xo Peter


Nowadays, I’ve got a small studio setup with a few industrial machines and a bunch of inventory. Looking forwards, I hope I can continue to make gear that people want to use, and support myself in doing so.